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Yep, it’s a zoo out there in the dating world.

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I have traveled a many wide-open road
I have seen a few ducks in my time.
Too bad for me, that most of their bills
Were the very expensive kind.
I was jogging the golf course
One sunshiny day when
I spied me a crocodile.
He offered me drinks, a car, the moon,
Then he gave me a toothless smile.
Mother, Mother, give me a sign.
Give me a sign, or I'll lose my mind!
Show me where the good ones have gone.
Or is this where I belong?

I was lunching and out jumped a fox
From my animal crackers;
I thought he's the one.
But to my dismay, he got away;
He was only out to have some fun.
In my backyard a beautiful bird
Landed on my best tree,
I just knew we'd be wed.
Then winter came fast;
The leaves all fell down
And revealed a big Do-Do instead.
On my way home from school
I ran into an elephant
He was the color of brass.
He had pictures and stories
And old memories.
He wouldn’t let go of his past!