The Yard Man Close
Copyright©2003 Words by Chris Stiteler, TC Smythe & Jen Rathbun
Music by TC Smythe & Chris Stiteler
Track running time - 4:27

Verse 1
Iíve gotta good man, he mows my lawn
Starts out short then only gets long-er
Doesnít get any better
I like to watch him work
Under any kind of weather

Verse 2
Heís a hot and sweaty, mowing machine
Trims my bushes for my landscaping scene
Doesnít get any better
He looks good when heís hoeing
He looks good in every endeavor

Heís a hottie in the hothouse, with a fine green thumb
Waters my orchid, and my geranium
Does wild things with his leaf blower
I catch my breath as he mounts my mower



Verse 3
I gotta a good man, he mows my yard
Sometimes itís easy, but mostly itís hard-----work
Heís gotta nice long hose and he can
Make it go forever
Said heís gotta nice long hose, he can
Make it go forever

Spoken: Think itís time to call that yard man again
Once a week just ainít gonna cut it anymore
I think that boy deserves a raise!