Plummet Close
I wanted to find a word to describe falling, arms and legs flailing, into dark nothingness without any sight of the ground or the end. This song is dedicated to all those who have been stalked, abused, and frightened out of freedom.

Track running time - 4:10

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How is it that you control me so easily?
I'm a fool to think
This could never happen to me.
I don't trust myself;
I am on a shelf teetering
On the edge of my dreams.
Knowing, knowing...
I'm acknowledging you.
Your powerful weakness
Flattens my soulís dimension
ĎCause your intention is purely
And as I make my confessions,
You're right here with me.
What I need makes me wrong
And I plummet.

Why am I taking the blame
For what you have done?
I'm frozen, I'm frantic. I cannot run.
They say it's abuse, they say it's no use.
And Iím on the edge of my seat
Waiting, waiting...