Maybe Close
Copyright©2003 - Words and Music by Jen Rathbun
Track running time - 3:09

Verse 1
Maybe…At last your mustache I can kiss unabashedly
Maybe…You’ll grant me a chance to plant a big smooch on you
Maybe…Put you up on a pedestal, Gee I hope it’s mutual

I’m not trivial, nor conditional
Let’s make it conjugal

Verse 2
Maybe…I’m the most irresistible Mademoiselle you know
Maybe…You’ll spare no expense and you’ll care for my preference
Maybe…I’m an excellent compliment, you think I’m Heaven-sent

There’s no argument; it’s no accident
Isn’t it evident?

Maybe…I want you as much as you want me
Maybe… I’ll be true to you, to the nth degree
Maybe…We’ll be/make lovely two, you just wait and see
…Maybe you could love me

Verse 3
Maybe…you’ll finally guess that I long for your sweet caress
Maybe…you’ll see that I need you to be my best devotee
Maybe…you’ll delight in the sight of my dynamite smile

Am I right? Please don’t fight.
Let’s unite!




Maybe you could love me
Maybe you could love me!