Married, Buried Or Gay Close
Copyright©2003 - Words by Ande Rasmussen & Jen Rathbun
Music by Jen Rathbun
Track running time - 3:23

Verse 1
Iím tired of being single
Canít find a single single guy
Iím searching for a man
To catch my heart and eye
It ainít that I ainít tryiní
Lord knows Iíve looked high and low
But my arms are still empty
So hereís what I wanna know

Why are all the good men
Married, buried or gay?
Why do all the wrong guys
Seem to head my way?
Wonder what I have to do.
Tell me what I have to say
Why are all the good men
Married, buried or gay?

Verse 2
I met a wonderful man
Then I met his wonderful wife
Liked a hunk for a while
Ends up he liked other guys
Once I had a fiancť
But he had an accident
I caught him in bed
With my naughty ex-best friend



I donít want a liar
I donít want a cheat
I donít want a pervert
Looking for a peek

I donít want a closet case
I donít want a slob
I donít want a psychopath
Looking for a job


Married, buried or gay
Married, buried or gay