Jan 15

TS832 AV transmitter runs HOT

Just got a RC832/TS832 pair, wired them up and they work, but dang the TS832 runs HOT,especially up around the antenna mount.

Just a little poking around and it appears at least part of the problem is that the CAM V OUT signal (ie power for the camera) isn’t just a pass-thru line from the DC-IN signal.  Looks like there probably come kind of reverse polarity protection diode between the two.  Beginning to appear that the majority of the heat is due to the current for the camera going thru said diode.

Remainder of the heat I’m guessing is coming from whatever voltage regulator is on-board.  Not sure what power levels the circuit actually requires, but the specs list 7.6V-16V in with a 200ma supply current.  I’m currently running at 12VDC.  My guess is that the circuit actually runs at 5VDC given the 1/3 volt drop across the protection diode and whatever headroom the voltage regulator needs.    Have to dig into this a bit more….

So rewired the connector so the camera voltage comes direct from the incoming power rather than via the transmitter.  that helped.  Still the transmitter was really warm (reading 180-200 Deg F at points).  Looks like they’re trying to use the antenna connector as a heat sink, which kind of works, but the surface area is pretty small.  I found a small heatsink and attached it to the antenna mount.  Seems to have brought the temp down 10-20 degrees.

Still way hotter than I would like, but at least it probably won’t burst into flames right away 🙁

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