Jun 10

Roving Networks RN-52 flashing LEDs

was recently working on an RN-52 board from Roving Networks. Stumbled across something thought other folks might find useful. The docs say LED1/LED2 flashing indicates “module is discoverable”, what the documentation doesn’t say is that is LED1/LED2 alternately flashing. If they’re flashing together, then you’re in DFU mode! I only found this because I’d accidentally messed up the wiring to pin 3, forcing DFU mode. I saw “flashing LEDs” and thought the circuit w/ the module was working, but then nothing worked! Only later realized the GPIO 3 problem and when that was corrected saw that “flashing” (together) wasn’t the same as “flashing” (alternately).

So if you’ve got a RN-52 module with “both LEDs flashing” and you’re wondering why it’s not working, check GPIO 3 and make sure you’re not in DFU mode

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