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Transformerless Power Supply Convert VHS to MP4
FreeNAS FSCK cron job Sonar Recording Light
Sonar Backup Sonar Auto Mixdown
Nixie Clock

Transformerless Power Supply

Circuits Your Mother Told You Never to Build

This is an experimental platform for a programmable 120V light switch controlled by an Atmel ATtiny26L processor. It is based on a transformerless power-supply which means this circuit is 120VAC mains powered and still fits within the space …

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Convert VHS to MP4

Ok if you’re like me you’ve got a bunch of old VHS video tape laying around that is inching closer and closer to a final death. Not only are the tapes slowly decaying with age, but I’m down to my last working VCR. For example, scuba diving videos shot back in 1995 are already showing …

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FreeNAS FSCK cron job

Description Are you running FreeNAS? Here’s a quick little PHP script to run a fsck on all your defined mount points to make sure the file system is clean. Sends you an e-mail when/if it finds some problem. It does not automatically fix the problem since you may need to dismount and we probably don’t …

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Sonar Recording Light

  FYI, this product is no longer available.  Page here for historical purposes only.   Cakewalk/Sonar users, how many times have you had people walk into your studio in the middle of a recording session? Don't you just want some kind of automatic recording in progress light right outside the door? I sure did! Searching …

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Sonar Backup

Description A simple utility to manage backup and restore of all your Cakewalk/Sonar audio recording projects to a USB hard disk. Zips all files in the project directory structure to save space. It’s better than normal Sonar “bundle files” because it uses the last modified date so that only projects which have been modified are …

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Sonar Auto Mixdown

Description Working on an album or multi-song Sonar project for a client and they want MP3’s or a CD to listen to? Faced with opening a dozen different Sonar project files, going through the click, click, click to get an “Export Audio” going, then twiddling your thumbs while waiting for the Audio Export to complete …

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Nixie Clock

Description Another project from several years ago. Just had to open it up to work on the power supply, so I thought I’d document the Nixie Clock that I built. Lots of folks doing Nixie Clocks, just do a quick google and you’ll find a bunch. All of them are by nature a combination of …

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