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Circuit Diagram and Source code

Circuit Diagram and source code for MKII Cat Faucet (no longer for sale, shown for historic value only)

Cat Faucet Circuit

Source code

Circuit Diagram for MKIII Cat Faucet

Cat Faucet MKIII circuit design

Cat Faucet MKIII circuit design

Populated MKIII Cat Faucet controller board. note the sensor connect on the lower left is now screw terminals rather than male/female pin connection

Cat Faucet MKIII populated circuit board

Cat Faucet MKIII populated circuit board


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  1. In the Controller Circuit Diagram, what is the value of C3,C4 and C5 and why are they optional ? btw,still waiting for the item I bought from you a month ago . USPS’s the devil!

    • admin on November 24, 2010 at 1:26 pm

    woops, old circuit diagram. just posted the updated one. Old circuit I was fighting random turn-on/turn-off and the extra caps were a test to try to clean up the power to the sensor.

    For the current board/circuit diagram (above) go back to the Kit Assembly page, the picture of the board has the component values labeled.

    Sorry about the USPS delay. let’s give’em through the holiday weekend, if you still don’t have the delivery, let me know and we’ll figure out how to do something else.


  2. ALM,SETUP,PEOPLESENSOR and H20SEN are optional,aren’t they ?

    • admin on December 2, 2010 at 5:58 am

    PeopleSensor has processor code behind it. For the others, there’s no code in the processor for those I/O points. They’re there for ‘future’ development or if you want to burn your own chip and add new functionality.

    In fact, if you’re not using the people sensor, make sure to include the Disable People Sensor jumper (right above the people sensor connector). otherwise the code thinks it sees ‘people’ and shuts off the Cat Faucet.

    So, have USPS finally delivered or do we need to investigate other options?

  3. Yes, they did! Last friday to be exact btw, i’ve tried using a solenoid of my own ( and to no avail, the solenoid doesn’t works. LED blinks one at a time, even I put my hand close to the sensor. I knw tht twice means sensor on,isn’t it

    • admin on December 2, 2010 at 8:19 am

    Yep 2 = Cat Sensor triggered

    * 1 flash = Cat Sensor off
    * 2 flashes = Cat Sensor On
    * 3 flashes = Cat Sensor On, but maximum on time expired
    * 4 flashes = Cat Sensor off, but in delay
    * 5 flashes = People sensor on, overrides Cat Sensor
    * 7 flashes = Controller reset

    Check the cat sensor connections. Pin 1 = signal, 2 = vcc, 3 = gnd. The sensor itself is pin 1 = signal, 2 = gnd, 3 = vcc (this viewed edge on toward the sensor board, pin 1 is on the left)

    Check the voltage on the signal. Should be ‘low’ (near 0) w/ nothing in front of the sensor and ‘high’ (maybe 2v) when something is in front of the sensor.

    You can disconnect the sensor and short the board signal pin to vcc and then to gnd to emulate sensor trigger and release and confirm the board is working ok.

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