Cat Faucet MKIII Assembled

This is a fully assembled Cat Faucet MK III. This third generation Cat Faucet uses surface mount components on the controller board to reduce size and the solenoid valve is mounted outside of the controller box. Product components may not be exactly as shown. Some parts vary slightly from order to order.

The Saddle Valve no longer comes by default as a part of this unit. Several options are available for connecting your Cat Faucet to your house water supply. However you choose to connect your Cat Faucet to the water supply you must have some type of T into your water supply line and you must have some type of valve between the T and the Cat Faucet to regulate the water stream to a low enough level that your cat can drink from the outlet tubing. Note that it is the user's / installer's responsibility to comply with any / all necessary building codes for your area.

- Order this with your Cat Faucet MKIII assembled unit and you're all set. This is what we used to supply by default with the Cat Faucet MKIII unit.

- Order this with your Cat Faucet MKIII and you're all set. This is a one for one replacement for the Saddle Valve. It's a little harder to install but it does not make a permanent hole in your copper supply line like the Saddle Valve does.

- If you want to use your own T-fitting to tap into your water supply, you can then use this valve to adjust the water flow to the Cat Faucet MKIII.

    • User supplied T fitting and user supplied valve

- If you want to supply your own fittings, just order the Cat Faucet MKIII without any Saddle Valve or other fittings.

Everything you need for a typical install. This includes the following assembled components: 1 – Solenoid valve and controller mounted in plastic box w/ 5′ of high-pressure and 6′ of low-pressure tubing, 1 – Cat Sensor with 6′ cable and attached connectors, 1 – 120/240VAC 12VDC power supply,

Price: $90.00

Shipping: $0.00

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