Jun 26

RN52 bluetooth adapter microphone

So lots of folks struggling getting a microphone to work with the RN-52 Bluetooth adapter. Here’s what I’ve got working. This circuit: I cribbed off the circuit for the eval board. I’ve run R1 at both 1K and 2.2K, both work ok. C1/C2 are 47nF and C3 is 1uF. C3 is ok for electrolytic, but …

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Jun 10

Roving Networks RN-52 flashing LEDs

was recently working on an RN-52 board from Roving Networks. Stumbled across something thought other folks might find useful. The docs say LED1/LED2 flashing indicates “module is discoverable”, what the documentation doesn’t say is that is LED1/LED2 alternately flashing. If they’re flashing together, then you’re in DFU mode! I only found this because I’d accidentally …

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Apr 29

Shoehorn a accelerometer heading calculation into an ATTiny 261

working on a recent project, I wanted to get an ATTiny261 to calculate a heading in degrees from an accelerometer. The accelerometer (an Xtrinsic MMA8453Q 3-Axis, 10-bit/8-bit Digital Accelerometer) has an I2C interface with digital X/Y/Z readings, so no analog to digital mess, just simple math, right? RIGHT…. Given all the UAV stuff out there, …

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Sep 18

WP e-Commerce, what a mess

boy, thought I’d move forward by using WP e-Commerce to build my shopping cart interface. Man, the shipping is a mess. first the recent USPS update broke the USPS shipping calculation. I got that fixed myself (no help from the WP e-Commerce guys). Now something wacky with the interaction between PayPal and the Shipping address. …

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Jul 07

New Web Site!

took some time, but migrated from a relatively heavily customized WordPress site to an almost out of the box WordPress site. Did that so I could get a shopping cart plug-in that would actually calculate shipping based on destination rather than being stuck with one shipping charge that had to apply across the board. Let’s …

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Feb 21

Samsung Infuse battery life

Got a Samsung Infuse when they first came out. So yeah, mine is now ‘old’. All of a sudden about a month ago, battery life went into the dumper. Charge to 100% before going to bed, then in the morning less than 50% remaining. Also noted that the Samsung Infuse case seemed warmer than expected. …

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Sep 30

Foray into China resourcing

As you likely surmise the most expensive component of the Cat Faucet is the solenoid valve. So as my supply is getting low, started looking at other, less expensive resources. All these valves are really just made in China and imported, so I figured why not go straight to the source. Found a web site …

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Aug 06

More motherboard issues

Looks like I’ve got another board with capacitor problems. This one I’ve caught before the ultimate failure. Here’s a shot overlayed with the temperatures of the various capacitors I took with an IR sensor. Note that the right most two caps are already showing a distended top and they’re also the hottest. Can you imagine …

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Jun 04

Magellan Roadmate USB plug

ok, so accidentally ripped off the USB plug from the USB cable on a Magellan Roadmate GPS. Figured I’d just stick on another Mini-B cut off another cable, connect the + and – (pin 1 and 4) and be done. No go, the GPS thinks that it’s plugged into a PC and won’t navigate. Some …

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Jan 20

What another new project?

Ok, this one was in the works for some time. Now called USB-GPIO (General Purpose IO). Adding simple digital IO capability back to a PC when there is no more parallel port to use. check it out here