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Disassemble a 2P025-08 Solenoid Valve

If you ever need to disassemble a 2P025-08 Solenoid Valve, here’s a step by step pictorial.

The assembled valve looks like this

2p025 disassembly step 1

First thing to note is that the valve actually is two major components. The coil and the valve mechanism. You can safely remove the coil even while the valve itself is connected to the water supply and under pressure. Removal of the coil by itself will not cause the water to flow and will not cause the valve to leak water.

Remove the top nut to remove the coil

2p025 disassembly step 2

For the following steps are disassembling the valve itself. For this you need the water turned off and even then you will get a slight amount of water out of the system when you take the valve apart.

Here, note the two screws holding the metal plate on. We will remove these to disassemble the valve.

2p025 disassembly step 3

Now remove the two screws.

2p025 disassembly step 4

Now remove the metal plate.

2p025 disassembly step 5

Now with a twisting motion, grab the valve stem and pull it upward.

2p025 disassembly step 6

The valve with the stem removed.

2p025 disassembly step 7

Now the stem itself can be disassembled(and cleaned). Note that the plunger (with the spring) should just fall out of the stem.

2p025 disassembly step 8

DSC_0745 copy

DSC_0747 copy

Observe inside the stem and the surface of the plunger and clean any trace of foreign objects.

2p025 disassembly step 9

After ensuring that all internals of the valve mechanism are free of foreign objects (grit, bits of sand, etc) reassemble by following these instructions in reverse. When reinserting the valve stem into the black plastic valve body, again use a slight twisting motion. When pushed in sufficiently, the O-ring should almost be flush with the top of the black plastic valve body. Then reinstall the metal plate and continue with the assembly.

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