Category: Wireless

Jun 26

RN52 bluetooth adapter microphone

So lots of folks struggling getting a microphone to work with the RN-52 Bluetooth adapter. Here’s what I’ve got working. This circuit: I cribbed off the circuit for the eval board. I’ve run R1 at both 1K and 2.2K, both work ok. C1/C2 are 47nF and C3 is 1uF. C3 is ok for electrolytic, but …

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Jul 04

Bluetooth headset article in Circuit Cellar

My article on constructing a Bluetooth interface for my car got published in the July issue of Circuit Cellar.   Page 36; “Wireless Data Exchange, Build a 2,700-lb. Bluetooth Headset”.  Give it a read when you get the chance.

May 23

Bluetooth headset article

Just finishing proof-reading a new article that I wrote for Circuit Cellar magazine.  This one about the blue-tooth adapter I’m building in order to better connect my phone (an HTC Tilt) to my car stereo via the Aux-In.  The article should appear in issue #240 which I believe is the July issue.