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Jul 28

Cat Faucet parts

Cat Faucets are back in stock! For those folks waiting for the out of stock cat faucet assembled units. I’ve got most of the parts orders out now. should be seeing those parts coming in within a week or two. Once that happens, I’ll assemble a few units and we should be ready to mark …

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Jun 26

RN52 bluetooth adapter microphone

So lots of folks struggling getting a microphone to work with the RN-52 Bluetooth adapter. Here’s what I’ve got working. This circuit: I cribbed off the circuit for the eval board. I’ve run R1 at both 1K and 2.2K, both work ok. C1/C2 are 47nF and C3 is 1uF. C3 is ok for electrolytic, but …

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Sep 30

Foray into China resourcing

As you likely surmise the most expensive component of the Cat Faucet is the solenoid valve. So as my supply is getting low, started looking at other, less expensive resources. All these valves are really just made in China and imported, so I figured why not go straight to the source. Found a web site …

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Jan 20

What another new project?

Ok, this one was in the works for some time. Now called USB-GPIO (General Purpose IO). Adding simple digital IO capability back to a PC when there is no more parallel port to use. check it out here

Nov 14

Making rectangular holes

not really a project, but a tutorial on how I make rectangular holes for the sensor box on the cat faucet

Jan 20

RecLight update

slow on posts… Too many other irons in the fire, but am working on converting the RecLight to USB from Parallel port. Looks like it actually work on USB now, both 32 and 64 bit o/s! Need to update the RecLight page and start this moving forward again,

Jul 04

Bluetooth headset article in Circuit Cellar

My article on constructing a Bluetooth interface for my car got published in the July issue of Circuit Cellar.   Page 36; “Wireless Data Exchange, Build a 2,700-lb. Bluetooth Headset”.  Give it a read when you get the chance.

Jun 14

FireFly rev 2

working on an updated version of the firefly project.  This one is ‘life size’ rather than minature and more LED’s than the original.  More fireflys means more power, so incorporating a small boost converter.   Two AA cells runs the whole thing.  Prototype works too well as it sucks power until one of the AA cells …

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May 23

Bluetooth headset article

Just finishing proof-reading a new article that I wrote for Circuit Cellar magazine.  This one about the blue-tooth adapter I’m building in order to better connect my phone (an HTC Tilt) to my car stereo via the Aux-In.  The article should appear in issue #240 which I believe is the July issue.

May 23

RV Cat Faucet

Now that I’ve got WordPress running, hopefully I can do more updates.  For example, working on a Cat Faucet variant for RV’s.  Will be directly powered from 12VDC from a cigarette lighter adapter.  More later on this topic