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Nov 25

Fun stuff with Google Home

Fun stuff today is making Google Home speak on command

Nov 05

PHP script to control ipDatatel alarm interface

Trying to get my home alarm system cooperating with Google Home without a vendor provided interface.  Results are here.

Nov 04

Polar Bluetooth Heart Rate monitor

just tore apart a Polar Bluetooth heart-rate monitor.  you can read more here

Sep 17

In-place debugging a Particle Photon

So the question came up, how to debug code on an installed Particle Photon.  Normally I’d use the USB serial port and print statements in the code to direct debugging information to the serial port.  However with my Photon installed in the garage, it’s difficult to debug new code without removing the device to get …

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Jan 15

TS832 AV transmitter runs HOT

Just got a RC832/TS832 pair, wired them up and they work, but dang the TS832 runs HOT,especially up around the antenna mount. Just a little poking around and it appears at least part of the problem is that the CAM V OUT signal (ie power for the camera) isn’t just a pass-thru line from the …

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Oct 17

Night Owl security camera IR Cut filter issues

I recently has an issue with a Night Owl security camera with a ‘sticky’ mechanical IR Cut filter. Got it replaced by Night Owl, but the replacement has the same issue… So decided to take a look and see if I can fix it myself. First, how do you know you’ve got an sticky mechanical …

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Oct 09

Circuit Cellar article – “The Footlight Project”

Got a new article published in Circuit Cellar (Oct-2015 issue). This article is about a failed attempt at building “foot headlights”. Everyone always writes these glowing articles about successful projects. I wanted to write one about a failed project so that readers know that projects do fail, and that’s OK too because every failure …

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Aug 14

Shapeways plastic IR permeability / opacity

Been working on producing a replacement for the Sharp IR distance sensor I’m currently using in the Cat Faucet. Sharp has declared end of life for that part. Sure lots of places still have them available, but at some point in the future, they’re going to disappear. One of the big issues with building an …

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Aug 09

DIY clip on sunglasses

Recently went to try to get a pair of those magnetic clip on sunglasses for my glasses. Optical store said sure, that’ll be $160, plus you have to leave the glasses for 1-2 weeks so we can send them off! So non-starter right there. What to do? Why not make your own! The way the …

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Jul 18

Paperclip as watch pin replacement

Ok a real cheapskate hack. Lost the pin on my watch. To lazy to go get a new watch. To hard to find a replacement pin. So take a small diameter drill, a paperclip and poof! there you go. Drill through the normal pin holes out through the ends of the watch body, insert the …

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