Crossroads Close
Crossroads: was written in honor of a couple of friends who were going through very difficult changes. Based on some of the decisions they made, they are still traveling the road to home...

Track running time - 4:13

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The dusty road ahead of me
Leads me back to Galilee.
But up ahead there is no sign.
I close my eyes, the fear is mine.
My back is tight, my neck is drawn.
I taste the fear, itís never gone.
My body shakes relentlessly.
Iím at that point in front of me, Ďcause Iím
At a crossroads Iím running out of time,
At a crossroads
I donít know which way is mine,
At a crossroads
I canít find the way to go,
At a crossroads
I canít find the way back home.

I walked the road to fantasy.
That moment was pure ecstasy.
I knew it was wrong Ė my head was right.
I guess I like a good, hard fight.
But what have I won? This dusty road.
The debts are high, the heavy load.
You count the cost I have to pay.
What will people say?
Iím afraid of turning back,
Iíve gone too far.
And I canít see the writing on the wall.
Turning Ďround in circles,
Will I repeat myself?
And these dusty roads feel ten feet tall.