Cool Cat Close
Copyright2003 - Words and Music by Jen Rathbun
Track running time - 4:00

Verse 1
Ive got a boy, I pursue
We see each other at our rendezvous
Bet hes better than your cockatoo
Hes a cool cat

Verse 2
Hes my baby, hes my friend
How much I love him I cant comprehend
When he bathes, I got to attend
Hes a cool cat

Dark and handsome, keen and shrewd
Hes got a confident attitude
As he strolls around in the nude
I gotta tell ya, I come unglued

Verse 3
Smooth and cool, wicked and vile
All the others seem infantile
When hes near me, I cant help but smile
Hes got cat class and hes got cat style



Verse 4
When the stars come out at night
And the moon is our only light
Under the sheets we reunite
Hes a cool cat.
Hes a cool cat.
Hes a cool cat.


Hes a cool cat