Coffee, Chocolate & Men Close
Copyright©2003 - Words by Ande Rasmussen and Jen Rathbun
Music by Jen Rathbun
Track running time - 4:07

Verse 1
I have been around the block
I know a thing or two
And when it comes to men
I’ve been with quite a few

They shower me with gifts and such
But out of all those things
My favorite is sweet candy
On caffeine evenings

Lead 1
But I can’t stand my java weak
I need to have some kick
And when it comes to cocoa
I like dark and thick

Oh would you call me shallow
If I say with estrogen
Some things come better rich like
Coffee, Chocolate and men

Verse 2
I have a thing for coffee
Can’t stop at one or two
And if the Joe’s dark and strong
It lasts the whole night through

Chocolate flavored coffee
That’s my ultimate
If mocha was a man
We’d be a perfect fit

Lead 2
Strong and smooth and sweet and rich
My recipe for bliss
Top him with some whipped cream
And a Hershey kiss



If the Chocolate’s rich enough
It melts right in your mouth
And nothing’s better than a loaded man
Going down south