Beautiful Day Close
After a period of suffering from the high humidity of watery tears, the sun finally came out and dried up all the land…

Track running time - 1:49

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Beautiful Day
It's a beautiful day in my world today
And I'm feeling fine.
It's sunny outside and inside it's the same
And it's about time.
Oh it's a little humid in here
Because of the tears
I've wept through the days.
Oh but I can tell
I'm about to hit a dry spell.

Come on over and hang out with me,
I’m okay, let's go have some fun.
We won't ever have this time again
So today let's go chase the sun.
Oh I have to shout,
‘cause there is no doubt
That I got the clout to get on out,
And I cannot pout ‘cause you know
I’m on the right route.
Ya da dee da da….